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Lots of encouragement at Rathgar, the Dublin Korean Church and the Dun Laoghaire/Bray

Good to share with colleagues Vanessa, Andrew, Yom Nam Park, and Alan.

Interesting times ahead

With reps from northern Exe of CSR, met with Liz Griffith and Glenn Jordan from Law Centre (NI) we discussed issues such as migration, access to justice, poverty. How does the church "stay on the scene" on such issues. Thanks to Hazel Baird and David Gallagher ( who took the picture) for your input.

Today (3 April) I will represent the Methodist church in Ireland at one of the State events to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. It is a inter faith event to remember the 485 people who died during the Rising, most of whom are buried at Glasnevin Cemetery, where the event is being held.

I will be joined by Charlotte Dougherty who say prayers with other young people to look to the future of Ireland.

Also a memorial wall will be unveiled to remember all who died, alphabetically, without reference to rank or organisation.

Attending the Society of Friends Yearly Meeting. They are really really nice - know their history and very much alive

Yesterday I was a guest at the 100th Graduation/ Passing Out of the PSNI - 49 excellent new constables.

Good quote from Chief Constable George Hamilton to the new police constables "As others run from harms way, you will be running towards it.

Interesting also that all the award winners were female officers.

Continue to keep them safe

Some pictures from a morning with Newry circuit as we celebrated Easter morning with breakfast and worship - thanks to Lorna and the team

Something I quoted in Newry this morning from Rev George Macleod. The impact of the resurrection must take us away from our cathedrals to cities.

Rethink lent photo is back

One of the great joys of Easter is its message of Hope. This is something which Christians around the world instinctively understand.
They know that they are called to live their lives in such a way as to offer a glimpse of this Hope to those around them.
As Christian live in the light of the Resurrection they are challenged to contributes to communities based on respect,dignity, equality, justice and peace.

Today was a very sad day. Driving to take part in funeral service of Adrian Ismay, listening to the radio tell the story of the mayhem and murder unfolding in Brussels. Then at Issi's funeral one could not but think that his death was needless. The to watch the TV screens picture 5 hearses bring a family home to loved ones.

Hopeless yet the bravery of Davitt Walsh, the courage of Issi's family, particularly his wife Sharon and the determination of the people of the battered city of Brussels, encourage us to keep going.