News from MMS(I)

Graduation at Cliff College, May 2017

In May, Cliff College celabrated the graduation of students at Jinja, Uganda and commissioned Lay Pastors.  Rev. Stephen Skuce sent these photos and commented, "It's always great when I can bring the greetings of Irish Methodism when I’m out and about in world Methodism and sharing in the culmination of Cliff support for Methodism in Uganda is one of my highlights for this year.  It's so good that Irish Methodism still has the passion and vision to participate in world mission."





Video from Haiti

Click on the image to watch a short video from Anne McConnell, grand-daughter of Rev Ormonde and Primrose McConnell.

It relates to a project being planned by a church at Thomassin in Haiti. Some years ago, money from a Methodist church in Co. Cork paid for the building foundations. It also details a little of the recent hurricane response of the Methodist Church in Haiti which MMS(I) and individual donations contributed to. 



World Church Bulletins 2017

To download news from our world church partners, compiled by Methodist Church in Britain, for April 2017: click here.
This month features news from South Korea, Russia and El Salvador.

Rev. Laurence Graham part of Haiti bicentenary celebrations

MMS(I) General Secretary Rev. Laurence Graham is currently in Haiti where the Methodist Church is celebrating 200 years of life and ministry. 





New youth Mission Resource from MCI: 'ALL IN'

'All In' has arrived - our new mission resource is here and ready to be used! All In is a 5-week mission resource for 11-18-year-olds that explores mission in the every day. Whether you want to use it in youth fellowship, small group, BB & GB, Scouts, or a Bible class, this resource is accessible for all young people.

If you wish to receive a copy of the printed resource, please email

This project was created in partnership with IMYCMethodist World Development & Relief and Methodist Home Mission Ireland.


Global Vision Services 2017

The Global Vision Conference is discontinuing but we will be launching something new in 2018. In February there were 4 services to give thanks for the past 16 years of Global Vision and to hear stories of mission from around the world. Thank you to everyone who helped coordinate the events, who contributed and to all who attended!

Good News for Syria Resource

CLICK ON THE IMAGE to watch a short video from Rev. Laurence Graham > > >

42% of the world’s population is unreached; that’s 3.1 billion people. MCI is committed to evangelism and we hope that this new resource,

Good News for Syria, will be a useful tool for us all.

MMS(I) and Frontiers Ireland have produced a resource for Irish Methodists. It will enable learning, reflection and informed prayer. Frontiers Ireland focuses upon unreached and unengaged peoples in the Islamic world.

Resource includes:
* Prayer Guides
* 4 session Bible Study programme with DVD

The particular focus is the peoples of Syria.

These will be launched and available from February 2017. Look out for them in your Church!

News from our partner the Bible Society Northern Ireland

Translating the Old Testament into Uwottuja

There are approximately 30,000 Uwottüja people living in Venezuela. The New Testament has already been translated, and now the Bible Society in Venezuela, helped by MMS(I) funding is working on the Old Testament.

Update on the work December 2016:

Venezuela is in the middle of an economic crisis and this translation team is feeling the effects of it. There is a food shortage and people are having to wait in line for 6 hours to get what they need from local markets. We have also been told that the Biblicist and one of the translators were diagnosed with Malaria – thankfully they are now recovering. Remember the following staff who are involved with this work: Lauriano, Teolinda, Benjamin, Ramon, Cecilia and Judith.

Despite this difficulty the team continues with the work – 31% of the work has been completed. Recently an event was organised in the city Puerto Ayacucho, gathering 50 pastors and church leaders, to discuss the work on the Uwottuja Bible. Staff continue to meet members of churches in the area to promote this work and are being given the opportunity to share about it on various radio programmes.

* * Please pray for the staff working on this translation; for good health, for medical treatment where needed, for provision of food and that God would continue to sustain and strengthen them in their work. * * 

Update from Haiti, via Methodist Church in Britain 'World Church News'

On Tuesday 5 October, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, causing severe damage and leaving thousands displaced.

“While broadly speaking the Port-au-Prince/Petion-Ville area has been spared, the big South comprised of Cayes, Jeremie, Dame Marie, Miragoane including the Petit-Goave areas have suffered a lot,” said Bishop Gesner Paul, President of the Conference of the Methodist District of Haiti. Bishop Gesner Paul visited the towns of Cayes and Jeremie over the weekend of 9-10 October, to take food and other supplies and to assess the extent of need in the communities.

Mission partners John and Sharon Harbottle have also been involved in post-hurricane recovery work. “The crops have been lost and most trees have lost their branches leaving a landscape, throughout Jeremie and Leon, in which the trunks look like matchsticks standing upright. Many animals have also been lost 

leaving small-scale farmers and families without goats, chickens and pigs, which are an important part of the local food chain. People are living off the fruit and vegetables from the ruined trees and plants, salvaging them before they go bad, and are now starting to get relief supplies of food into accessible communities. 

“Please continue to pray for support of the relief efforts, safety of the people and wisdom, strength and resilience to those responsible for each of the communities. Pray also for the leadership of EMH as they seek to provide the most effective assistance they can with very limited resources.” 


Methodism in Brazil: An evening with Rev. Joyce Torres Placa

On Sunday 30 October, Joyce came straight from Autumn Soul to meet with a group of Irish Methodists to discuss Methodism in Brazil and hear about Joyce's personal journey of faith. It was a great evening of conversation and discussion. Thanks to all those who came, to The Hub Belfast for hosting us, and to Melissa Newell who was our translator for the evening.